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Basav Pratishthan is a society registered at Pune run by various background people to serve the society. It is also registered with Charity Department of Sate of Maharashtra. It is serving society since 2014 and continuously working on various segment of society with theme to serve public at large. Organization with its dedicated executive committee and volunteer has conducted various activity in the society related to education, health and relief to poor and under privileged people for basic amenities and facilities.

Executive Team

Led by Mr. Ramling Purane, with object to assist the needy people for surviving and thriving the standard of living by various means and to the extent possible based on the objectives of society under the name and style of Basav Pratishthan. He is very known person in locality for his charity work and everybody symbolize with great social worker of society. 

Besides him, there are other 6 members in executive team, to run, guide, support to perform the institutional activities from ground to top level, are associated with different background of social life but socially active people with basic understanding of people who are in need to support and ground reality or cause of life to survive and thrive in society for meaningful and respectful life.
Society ignite its basic foundation of social work from 2014 and Executive team would like to submit few glimpse of each major and substantial work since till now to your good office:-

Major Program and Brief

The institution has run various program to serve the public since its incorporation 2014, out of which some of major program and its details are described briefly as follows:

1. On 26th Jan, 2014 under the Chairmanship of Mr. Ramling Purane distributed the school uniform, books and note book to 10 students around Rs. 1200 per students with theme of Education for All. The glimpse of event is as below:-

2. Expansion of area of social work via official opening of local office to other locality program and coordination meeting with local resident in order to serve the society at large program, glimpse of program is as below:-

Further on 2nd May, 2014 the website is launched by the society to enlarge the accessibility and more transparency regarding the level of social work. Beside this the website is more in awareness and involvement of local participant for better outreach of the objects of Society. Website was launched on the occasion of Mahatma Basweshwar Jayanti.

Some of picture of program is listed below:-

3. Program of Food for Hunger and Free Medical Checkup Camp and Medicine Distribution is organized by Society annually on the occasion of Dnyaneshwar Maharaj Palkhi dated 26th June, 2014 and 12th July 2015, few of glimpse on event is enclosed below:-

4. Under Leadership of Chairman Mr. Ramling, successfully acquire the land for Lingayat Samshan Bhumi at Devu Alandi, Dist. Pune dated. 17th Sept, 2015 to 9th Oct, 2015

News journal has acknowledge this event is enclosed here with for your reference:-

5. Under the general advancement of utility program, the society is successful to make the government to sanction budget for development of road dated 26th Feb, 2018, of which few glimpse of project is listed below:-

6. In the public interest, the chairman of society has ignited the fight against the Bank for the benefit of public at large dated 22nd March, 2018, some of pictorial clips is enclosed:-

7. Dustbin donation by Society under the Health and Sanitation program under the chairmanship of Mr. Ramling dated 26th Feb, 2018 in the presence of President of Municipal Corporation and Chief Officer, Corporater, few of media coverage is enclosed herewith this:-

8. Award appreciation to state level good worker in area of teaching, journalism, agriculturist, students, medical profession, business etc., dated 22nd March, 2018 by Society under Chairmanship of Mr. Ramling. Media coverage and picture of event is enclosed:-

9. Meeting with NHAI and Collector to complete the Road Development Activity dated 7th Sept, 2018 and 15th Sept, 2019 under the General Utility Advancement Program chaired by Mr. Ramling, few of Media Coverage is enclosed of this event:-

10. Society fight for Social cause also and in 31st Oct, 2018 under the leadership of Mr. Chairman, society fight for compensation and declaration of Drought Area Farmers. Media Coverage and picture of event is listed below:-

11. Basavratna State Level award distribution program to good social worker dated 14th May, 2019 in the presence of IG Zail Shri Vitthal Jadhav. Picture of Event is enclosed:-

12. Book Donation Program at Ashram School dated 6th Sept, 2019 by Society in the Presence of Ujjain Jagadguru at Afjalpur, Karnataka. Event picture is given below:-

13. President Mr. Ramling Purane, of our Society is awarded from title of Community Developer (SamajChintak Puraskar) dated 6th Sept, 2019, media coverage is listed below:-

14. Groceries  (Kirana Food – Rashan) donated to the Poor People at the period of Covid-19 Lockdown dated 26th March, 2020 around 100 Kits Donated, Few of picture of event is given below:-

15. Society fights for the justice of Home guards fights under leadership of Mr. Purane, at Azad Maidan Mumbai dated 24th Feb, 2020. Media Coverage and Event Photo is enclosed:-

16. Appreciation to the Medical Professional, Health Worker, Police and Administrative Department and Social Worker by the Society to award their hard work and dedication to fight against the Covid-19 dated 26th June, 2020. Media reporting and picture of event is enclosed:-

Last but not the least, society is working day and night for the welfare of public at large, and at the situation of this pandemic also with precautions and prevention, the team is working on providing of food for the poor people with basic sanitation awareness and distribution of kit.

Further details and information can be achieved from our society website:


Team Basav Pratishthan